Annual Showcase

Hubbard Street Youth Program Annual Showcase


Hello Families! Due to the number of wonderful participants, please limit your purchase to 4 Tickets. Your cooperation is much appreciated. If you purchase beyond the 4 Ticket quantity, we will refund the additional tickets and cancel those seat reservations. Thank you for your assistance.

Thursday 7pm
Friday 6pm
Intro to Ballet (Thurs)
Beg. Musical Theater (Mon)
Ballet 4 (Wed)
Intro to Hip Hop (Thurs)
Ballet 5 (ALL)
Beginners Jazz (Thurs)
Ballet 2 (Thurs)
Beginners Tap (Mon)
Ballet 1 (Thurs)
Intro to Ballet (Wed)
Ballet 1 (Tues)
Beginners Hip Hop (Fri)
Intro to Jazz (Wed)
Ballet 6 (ALL)
Beginners Jazz (Tues)
Ballet 3 (Mon)
Intro to Modern (Wed)
Multi-Level Tap (Mon)
Friday 7:30pm Saturday 1pm
Adv. Modern (Mon)
Intro to Ballet (Tues)
Ballet 7 (ALL)
Ballet 8 (ALL)
Int. Jazz 2 (Thurs)
Variations (Sat)
Ballet 2 (Tues)
Int/Adv Hip Hop (Fri)
Advanced Jazz (Tues)
Ballet 3 (Wed)
Beginners Modern (Wed)
Intro to Ballet (Sat 11:45)
Ballet 3 (Sat)
Ballet 1 (Sat)
Ballet 7 & 8 (ALL)
Intro to Jazz (Sat)
Beginners Jazz (Sat)
Saturday 2:30pm

Intro to Ballet (Sat 12:45)
Beginners Hip Hop (Wed)
Teen Modern (Wed)
Ballet 2 (Sat)
Intermediate Jazz (Mon)
Ballet 4 (Sat)
Intro to Hip Hop (Wed)
Intermediate Modern (Tue)
Teen Ballet (Wed)
Ballet 4 (Mon)